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Investigating corruption is high on the agenda for authorities around the world, hence the very real risk that individuals and corporates may find themselves targets or called as witnesses in related investigations. Facilitation payments and improper business or hospitality expenses can all fall under the spotlight and no sector is immune.

We have acted in many corruption cases over the recent years and understand the need for individuals to be independently represented at the earliest stages of an investigation. We are also experienced at advising both corporates and individuals on the necessary negotiations with the relevant authorities to mitigate any sanction that may follow.

When a company is exposed to the risk of prosecution, we can advise on the merits of the case, the possible financial penalties, the risks of debarment from public contracts, or the prospects of a settlement.

An important part of our work is advising on company compliance programs to reduce the risk of failure to implement the requested measures, in order to avoid being subject of a corruption case.

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