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White Collar crime

White collar crime is an inexact term that can refer to a massive range of case types. Generally speaking, white collar crimes are non-violent and financial in nature, but every case is unique. Our experience covers every phase of corporate compliance and regulatory enforcement. We provide advice and representation related to risk assessments, compliance reviews, compliance programs, investigations, and civil and criminal enforcement matters and associated civil claims. We also advise on the application of global sanctions, export controls, and national securities regulations – areas of law that change frequently.

Companies and corporate executives continue to face unprecedented scrutiny in turbulent markets. We guide clients through a broad range of sensitive issues, including high-stakes internal and government investigations, that can make or break personal and professional reputations. Our practice includes  lawyers who leverage their experience on of the courtroom to prevent charges from being brought, negotiate favorable pre-trial resolutions, and—when necessary—provide an aggressive defense at trial.

Our comprehensive Dispute Resolution practice encompasses a sophisticated legal framework designed to address conflicts across diverse fields such as civil, administrative, and capital market law. This dynamic practice involves navigating complexities in order to find equitable solutions for conflicting parties.

As the demands for dispute resolution evolve, our department has experienced substantial growth in recent years, a testament to our commitment to staying at the forefront of legal excellence. Whether you’re a corporate entity or an individual, our comprehensive approach ensures tailored and effective resolutions to a wide array of legal challenges.

Dispute resolution

practice areas

Dispute resolution

In an ever-evolving legal landscape, conflicts can arise in both personal and business matters. Our Dispute Resolution department provides comprehensive and effective solutions for a wide range of disputes.

Capital markets

We provide counsel to prominent players in the market, such as top financial institutions, corporations, and organizations. Additionally, we extend our guidance to first-time issuers and emerging entities entering the capital markets.

Tax evasion

With over 10 years of expertise, Vasile Băiculescu alongside his team advises corporations and private individuals on tax-related transactions and tax investigation.


We have acted in many corruption cases over the recent years and understand the need for individuals to be independently represented at the earliest stages of an investigation.

Money laundering

We are interested in providing our clients with the best opportunity to avoid the fines, convictions and reputational damage that can follow a money laundering investigation.

Cyber Crime

Our long-standing market leading expertise in criminal investigations and prosecutions, for example regarding fraud and financial crime, complements our cyber security capability. ​

What our clients say

Recently, some of the board members and other people working on managing positions in our company were wrongly accused of creating an organized group, in order to forge documents regarding the typology of waste extracted from one of the oil excavations the company works on. Thanks to the dedicated work of the Băiculescu și Asociații team, the initially imposed stringent preventive measures have been replaced with the judicial control and subsequently entirely revoked. The most significant victory yet was the admission of the appeal filed against the measures taken in the preliminary chamber stage, leading to a retrial of the case, reassuring us of the exceptional work of the legal team. What pleasantly surprised us was the time dedicated to our case, the meetings held before each court session, and the consistent communication by the firm.”


After a lengthy 5-year legal process, the acquittal verdict in my case, achieved through the sustained efforts of the legal team at Băiculescu și Asociații, was refreshing, and confirmed my innocence. I must admit that the pressure of the process and the thought of being convicted were intimidating, but being honestly informed about my chances, as well as the case's progress, and the fact that Mr. Băiculescu discussed and confirmed every document with me before presenting it to the court, reassured me that I was in good hands, which was later proven by the solution.


Vasile and his team assisted us in a case where our company suffered damages as a result of the commission of embezzlement and fraudulent bankruptcy by a firm we collaborated with. Our relationship with the law firm precedes these incidents, making it a straightforward choice to engage the same law firm to represent us in the criminal aspect. Despite the complexity and challenges of the case, the team's efforts have aided us in partially recovering the damages incurred.


Băiculescu și Asociații was the first law firm to successfully assist us in the process of overturning unlawfully imposed administrative sanctions. Beyond the material damage caused, the significantly negative impact of these sanctions was the tarnishing of our company's reputation, which had a big impact on our financial investment services. The team consisting of Vasile Băiculescu, Antonia Prisacaru, Claudia Stoica, and Victoria Eremeev worked swiftly, considering the limited time available, and delivered results that exceeded expectations, given the extensive volume of documents and information they had to handle.


Working with Băiculescu și Asociații has been indispensable in navigating the intricacies of the Capital Markets. Their team's deep understanding of financial regulations and market dynamics provided us with invaluable guidance. Their commitment to excellence and proactive approach made the complex seem manageable. We confidently recommend Băiculescu și Asociații for their outstanding expertise in Capital Markets


The team at Băiculescu și Asociații recently supported us in a public procurement matter by offering us guidance on how to lawfully continue a project secured by us through bidding but heavily delayed due to a subcontractor's negligence. The representatives of the firm maintained constant communication with us, thoroughly examined all the provided documents, despite their numerousness, visited our company's headquarters for weekly meetings, and handled the case with professionalism and responsibility. This serves as an additional confirmation of the reasons why we collaborate with them on numerous projects and choose them for any new matter.


We have a longstanding ongoing collaboration with Băiculescu și Asociații, during which they have assisted us in a variety of cases involving different complexities. These range from disputes related to leased properties to conflicts over alienated lands or defenses against unfounded claims made by certain companies. The team at Băiculescu has been our trusted legal partners, and we know we can turn to them for any matter. We appreciate their uninterrupted availability, the time they dedicate to us, and the meticulous approach they apply to every project, regardless of its difficulty or importance.

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