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Vasile Băiculescu


Vasile Băiculescu is one of the two partners, and the founder of Băiculescu și Asociații, specializing in white collar crime and investigations.

The core part of Vasile’s practice is representing both corporate and individual clients who are subject to internal investigations. By way of example, he recently advised a shareholder and former CEO of a big Romanian company listed on the stock exchange, who was under accusation of tax evasion, obtaining an acquittal solution.

Defending complex white-collar crime cases successfully is what Vasile Baiculescu is known for and where he has an unparalleled track record.

Vasile is extremely committed, very bright, and able to get to the heart of a case quickly. He also has an excellent rapport with clients, being creative in his approach to find the best solutions.


Vasile graduated from „Nicolae Titulescu”  University – Faculty of Law and also completed a Master’s Degree in judicial careers at the same university.

Currently, he is a PhD student at “Andrei Rădulescu” Romanian Academy – Institute of Legal Research.

Professional experience

The four year long collaboration with professor and lawyer Constantin Duvac set the base of Vasile’s career and the passion for criminal law, especially financial and business crime.

Prior to laying the foundations of SCA Băiculescu și Asociații, Vasile was a criminal defence lawyer, specialising in white collar crimes and compliance at SCA Dragne & Asociații.

Vasile is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Criminal Science Association in Romania and a „Young Penalist” member of the International Criminal Law Association.

Areas of practice

Through his strong criminal law background, Vasile has developed a specialized experience in white collar crimes, including tax evasion, money laundering, corruption, and cybercrime.

He also has an extensive background in assisting clients in cases of counterfeiting, piracy, and other infringements of intellectual property rights. Furthermore, his experience covers fields as fraud, bribery, and specific types of crimes correlated to the financial and business area.
Starting since he was a trainee lawyer, Vasile also covered hundreds of cases of drug related crimes, as well as road traffic offences.


In every profession, besides passion it is important to have a well-defined purpose. Vasile’s mission is to contribute to the transformation of the legal market by increasing the prosperity of lawyers. Vasile’s definition of prosperity refers to finding a balance between delivering high quality services to clients, financial education, and well-being (personal values, family, work).


Vasile’s main objective is to financially educate and contribute to the prosperity of more than 1000 lawyers in the next five years. Obviously, every goal needs a plan, so his strategy in achieving it regards the involvement in educational programs for young lawyers.


Our managing partner has a clear hierarchy of personal values: work, personal development, family. According to Vasile, the order is important, since focusing on self-improvement creates the foundation for a solid relationship with an individual’s family, and other people surrounding them.


Vasile Băiculescu is fluent in English.

Hobbies and Interests

Our main partner is passionate about reading. He also loves documenting and writing as he is the author of multiple articles in the criminal law field. His goal is to be a published author of a criminal justice manual.

Articles by Vasile Băiculescu