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Tax Evasion

Tax law is complex, and it is possible to get things wrong. For individuals with complicated international investments and a non-domicile status, that can especially be the case. Companies or trusts too may find themselves in prosecution’s gaze for the wrong reasons.

With over 10 years of expertise, Vasile Băiculescu alongside his team advises corporations and private individuals on tax-related transactions and tax investigation. Our company is highly experienced in representing clients during investigation or in court, as well as robustly defending, negotiating, and managing appeals to achieve the best possible result.

Our partners and associates have a proven track record of representing clients in high value and complex tax cases. We also assist those who have taken deliberate tax evasion measures and need to mitigate their position.

Since investigations regarding tax evasion are stressful and cand have serious consequences, our goal is to resolve matters before charges are brought wherever possible, as well as protecting our clients’ interests when the authorities are determined to pursue criminal litigation.

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