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Money laundering

Tackling the problem of “dirty money” in our financial system remains a priority. Businesses, financial institutions, individuals, and their advisers are all bound by our stringent anti-money laundering legislation, implemented in 2019 with the most recent clarifications being brought in April 2022. The Regulations require them to implement certain checks, controls, and procedures to prevent money laundering. A failure to do so is a criminal offence.

We are expert in advising both individuals and organizations who find themselves caught in the fight against financial crime, from those accused of perpetrating high-end money laundering arising from major frauds, terrorist activity and international corruption, to those suspected of facilitating it further along the laundering process.

The legislation in this field is complex, so we pride ourselves on providing practical advice.
We are able to quickly analyze relevant transactions and recommend a strategy, at internal level. Where allegations require a more nuanced response or robust defense, we look to protect our client’s best interests. We are interested in providing our clients with the best opportunity to avoid the fines, convictions and reputational damage that can follow a money laundering investigation.

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