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Liviu Bosoancă


Liviu Bosoancă, a lawyer with extensive experience in complex litigation and arbitration matters, joined our team in January 2023, as Partner. From said position, he is now coordinating the Dispute Resolution Department.

As he was pleasantly impressed by the working method and achievements of our firm, in a demanding and highly competitive market, Liviu decided to bring his contribution to our company’s mission, assisting us in delivering quality services to our clients.

With Liviu’s arrival, the progress of our company has accelerated remarkably, especially in the domain dedicated to litigation and arbitration, to which his 17 yearlong professional experience is closely tied.


Liviu graduated Law School at the University of Bucharest, in 2005. His thesis, ”The General Theory of Obligations – The Penalty Clause” was drafted under the guidance of the illustrious professor Valeriu Stoica.

Mr. Bosoancă was admitted to the bar in the same year and graduated from The National Institute for the Training and Advancement of Lawyers in 2007.

Professional experience

Liviu Bosoancă started his career as an associate for an international law firm with offices across Europe, Asia, North Africa and in the United States.

Later on, Mr. Bosoancă established his own individual law practice, where he handles litigation and arbitration cases encompassing a diverse array of civil issues.

Liviu joined Băiculescu și Asociații in January 2023, as a Partner.

Areas of practice

Over his seventeen-year career, Liviu Bosoancă has overseen numerous prominent civil litigation cases. Clients seek him out for exceptional expertise across a wide spectrum of litigation-related matters, and he offers top-tier guidance to clients across various settings and legal jurisdictions.

Liviu has acted on behalf of plaintiffs as well as defendants in legal proceedings encompassing breaches of contract, mergers and acquisitions, employment disputes, fiduciary concerns, copyright disputes etc.


Liviu is fluent in English. He also speaks French at an advanced level and is currently studying German.

Hobbies and Interests

Liviu’s main hobby is reading, with a focus on philosophy, fiction, and history. He also enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, bike-riding, and sailing.

Liviu loves a good game of basketball and enjoys swimming.

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