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Capital Markets

At Băiculescu și Asociații we understand the complexities of capital markets and the legal intricacies that govern them. Our dedicated team of lawyers brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist clients in esuring compliance with regulatory frameworks.

Our law firm provides counsel to prominent players in the market, such as top financial institutions, corporations, and organizations. Additionally, we extend our guidance to first-time issuers and emerging entities entering the capital markets.

We play a significant role in providing our clients with commercially focused expertise in working with regulators and authorities such as The Financial Supervisory Authority (A.S.F). Furthermore, we represent our clients in any litigation stemming from compliance issues related to the applicable legislation or internal regulations.

The matters involving financial investment services companies (SSIFs) are complex, usually involving Civil Law as well as Adimistrative Litigation elements. They also require representation at the highest courts in the country.

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